The competitive advantage of capsule packaging needs to be improved

Issuing time:2020-11-17 14:15

Plastic capsule bottle packaging can be seen everywhere in daily life. However, this market is currently facing challenges from aluminum foil packaging. This type of packaging

is more cost-effective, as each capsule is packaged separately without affecting the packaging of another capsule. These advantages are not present in traditional capsule pac-

-kaging. How to address this challenge, what changes should be made to capsule packaging?

For capsule packaging, the first thing that needs to be changed is how to ensure that the hygiene of other capsules inside the capsule is not affected during repeated use after

opening the bottle. Not being invaded by other external bacteria can alter the pharmacological effects of drugs. This requires innovative changes to the bottle structure of the

capsule bottle. Colleague, the packaging cost of capsule bottles is generally higher than that of aluminum foil packaging. How to effectively control the packaging cost of caps-

-ule bottles is also a direction that must be improved. There is also an urgent problem to be solved, which is the recycling and reuse of capsule bottles, improving the utilization

rate of capsule bottle packaging, which will greatly enhance the market competitiveness of capsule bottles.

At present, there are many capsule bottle enterprises of all sizes in the market. For these enterprises, how to enhance the advantages of capsule bottle packaging is related to their

future survival.

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