Packaging bottle caps and development trends

Issuing time:2020-11-17 14:14

Faced with a wide variety of beverages and various alcoholic beverages in the market, their packaging has already become a highlight that attracts people's attention, with exquisite

design and unique bottle shapes adding a lot of color to them. Perhaps you have never noticed, in fact, bottle caps - as a small part of packaging, are equally important for ensuring

product quality and shaping product personality.

As a part of packaging, the bottle cap has two main functions: first, sealing, which provides protection for the wine. This is the basic function of the bottle cap.It is also easy for manufacturers to achieve; The second is aesthetics. As an integral part of packaging, small bottle caps can play a finishing touch.

At present, some manufacturers excessively emphasize that the anti-counterfeiting effect of bottle caps is closely related to their technical content, but the decisive factor is not the

product itself, but the national laws and regulations and consumer self-protection awareness.

In recent years, anti-counterfeiting of alcoholic products has been increasingly valued by manufacturers.

As a part of packaging, the anti-counterfeiting function and production form of wine bottle caps are also developing towards diversification and high-end. Twisted, open, capable of

singing, speaking, and multiple anti-counterfeiting bottle caps are widely used by manufacturers.

Although the functions of anti-counterfeiting bottle caps are constantly changing, they mainly use two types of materials: aluminum and plastic.

Throughout foreign wine packaging bottle caps, their characteristics are rich, colorful, and stable. Most bottle caps are made of aluminum, with a simple appearance and precise pro-

duction. Advanced printing technology ensures consistent color and exquisite patterns, giving people a refined and elegant feeling., Bottle cap styles often adopt traditional patterns

with less variation. Like the bottle cap of Scottish whisky, the pure black color paired with golden text gives people a feeling of antiquity, elegance, and long-lasting enjoyment, playing

its rightful role as a symbol.

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